BACKSTAGE - The Digital Presenter Space

Backstage is a digital space that Universal Live has developed to enable presenters to interact with each other, as well as receive prompts and information from the production manager or producer, whilst still observing the live event. This experience really does make a virtual event closer to the real thing and can be incorporated within hybrid and virtual events.

Backstage digital space

Within the backstage area, each present will view and hear their fellow presenters, a clock and most importantly the live stream going out to the audience. When it’s time for a presenter to go live ‘on stage’ their view changes, they now receive all of the comforts that a presenter needs to deliver their presentation in the way they would like. 

As a standard, they will view the stream output which shows what the audience is viewing, a clock that can be either a countdown of their allotted time or the time of day. This can be customised with items such as next slide content, autocue or pre-view of poll results.

The presenter will receive audio, all content been played on the main stream, but they can also receive alerts from a show producer via text, on-screen or audible for additional prompts that may be required.

Backstage digital space

Our backstage and on stage digital spaces are fully customisable to presenters needs unless otherwise specified they will contain:


  • Branded Backdrop 
  • 8 Presenter Feeds 
  • Audio of producer
  • Stream output 
  • Time of day clock 

Live on stage 

  • Branded backdrop 
  • Stream output 
  • Content audio 
  • Producer Text or Audio 
  • Time of day clock 

Customisations for individual presenters 

  • Real-time poll Results via an external platform 
  • Live Q and A via an external platform 
  • PowerPoint Presenter view
  • Countdown clock 
  • Autocue 

To find out more about Backstage and how we can improve your presenters experience through our digital space contact us on:

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