To facilitate a four-day virtual pharmaceutical EMEA sales kick-off and global event broadcasting to 8,000 delegates. 

Day 1, 2 & 3

Plenary and seven cluster breakouts with live translation of nine languages for each session. The bulk of the show had to be pre-recorded with some of the clusters requiring translated subtitles. Plenary sessions were required to be broadcast to all delegates, and the seven clusters needed to be streamed simultaneously. One of the clusters required separate streams, one for each language. 

Day 4

To facilitate four live sessions of Q&A with the executive board. Editing of client videos, to be translated and played out on-demand from the library section of the platform. Each session was to be viewed on a virtual platform. 


Working closely with our partner agency and the client we produced a recording schedule for each of the clusters.

Utilising two of our virtual studios; we recorded 95 speakers across eight days. Following the pre-recordings, we edited the videos to fit with the two-hour live sessions.

To ensure that the process ran smoothly for the client, we arranged calls with each cluster, providing screen state diagrams and crib sheets, sent out to each of the presenters. We demonstrated a cue-to-cue for each of the sessions to ensure that the presenters were rehearsed before the recording. 

As the presenters joined the calls, using our studio talkback system, we explained that the video send to them demonstrated how the show would look and feel. In addition to this, we sound and vision checked each presenter prior to the recordings and took them through the running of the session ensuring they were comfortable.


Post recording; we liaised with our translation provider who translated the sessions into desired languages. These were then sent to the relevant clusters for approval. 

For the live element of the event, we needed the ability to send eight streams concurrently; to do this we ran eight individual virtual studios. 

Working with the platform managers we fully tested the stream to ensure that they were 

receiving our broadcast signal before the event. 

The live translation company supplied coding for a widget to be placed below the video window. This provided the viewer with a dropdown of the relevant languages for each session. We ran a test for each session, providing the client with our Backstage platform to ensure they were happy with the running of the translation and broadcast.

Once briefed on the show details, we created content and supplied the client with custom screen states, running through each of the sessions. These were approved by the client in further 

meetings together with the running order of the pre-recorded content, live awards, Q&A, MD open and close sessions. 

Upon the completion of the running order and content for each session, we loaded this information into our technician packs so the Project Manager for each cluster had all the relevant information they needed for programming, rehearsals and the live show. Prior to each session starting; we ensured that all of the presenters for each session were logged in, had been checked and were ready to go.

During the live show, we enabled online communications between each of the studios, which allowed us to begin each session at the same time. In addition, we monitored each stream on the platform. 

After months of hard work, seeing this come together really was rewarding, we were delighted to receive a well done and thank you from the client at the end. 


“We would like to share with you the success of the event! We are very conscious about your effort, the work done, the hours you have dedicated to make it happen. It has been a big piece of TEAM WORK & COLLABORATION, and it will not be possible without your help.

We have learnt a lot of the virtual world, as organisers, presenters and voice dubbing.”