Multi-venue, Multi-stream


Agency brief to design and deliver a large scale event for a corporate client. On a single day, their delegates would attend multiple venues for an ‘in the round’ conference and separate expo.

Each venue was to be a stand-alone, local experience but with multiple live links so each venue could broadcast and receive to any of the others.

Multi-venue, Multi-stream


Our solution was to build an ‘in the round’ stage with tiered seating blocks around the entire stage. Above the stage multiple HD custom ratio screens were positioned so the entire audience could see graphic and video content alongside live broadcast relay.

Around the perimeter of the venue additional screens were flown and controlled to display a variety of additional sources and content. Comfort monitors for speaker support and live relay were built into the stage on all sides so as to be concealed from the audience. Each venue had a full camera crew and vision mix solution to display local relay and also a broadcast feed.

A satellite uplink/downlink truck was stationed outside each venue and ran the broadcast feeds alongside technical comms and backup links. At the broadcast hub (NEC) we setup a dedicated studio to receive, mix and distribute the feeds back to each venue so as to get the right feed at the right time.This enabled all delegates at all venues to feel part of one group and experience the same messages in a consistent way simultaneously.

  • 4000 delegates at Birmingham NEC
  • 1200 delegates at London ExCel
  • 1200 delegates at Glasgow SECC
  • 1000 delegates at Manchester Event City
  • 500 delegates at Conference Hotel in Bristol
  • 400 delegates at Conference Hotel in Republic of Ireland
  • Plus delegates at home/office over streaming