One Small Thing

The Brief

One Small Thing, a company who facilitate and fund trauma-informed and gender-responsive programmes for the prison and community sectors, required a live virtual event that could also be recorded and then edited to be used on their various social media channels/platforms.

The Solution

Universal Live worked with Simply Better Events to help create the event solution required. The first step was to create 3D visuals, using our very own Manchester studio, in order to help give the client a better sense of the space and what kind of style they needed to achieve.

Once this was successful, work was carried out to sort all the technical details including a virtual web platform in which viewers could interact with and watch the live feed from the plenary and breakouts. The event was also filmed remotely due to the coronavirus pandemic.

One Small Thing

Video Editing/Final Delivery

Once the event had been successful, the footage, including various testimonials and behind-the-scenes clips, was then sent directly to the graphics team who then proceeded to edit and produce a highlight reel and several other videos that the client requested. Several iterations were needed but due to the close communication between the Universal Live, Simply Better and OST team the editing was completed on time. The client was very happy with the result and subsequently went on to return to the Manchester studio in 2021 due to the previous successful event.