Top 200 Executives


Deliver the biannual conference of a financial institutions top 200 executives as a virtual event. The delegates would attend via webinar platform allowing for Q&A and polling.

The presenters would be involved in presentations using PowerPoint and videos. There would also be hosted panel sessions, guest speakers and a quiz challenge. We were also asked to help ease our client into this new world of virtual events.


We worked closely with the client’s IT team to help utilise their preferred platforms of ON24 for the webinar and MS Teams for the video conferencing.  We planned to utilise MS Teams to bring the presenters into our studio in Manchester and using the Barco Event Master system create an exciting show with animated screen layouts for the various sessions.

To help ease our client into this new style of event we first storyboarded the show using PowerPoint to display the camera shots and content windows we would use. We also gave examples of the presenter views to ensure they had all the needed information in front of them on their screen.

Top 200 Executives

The storyboarding enabled us, in advance, to programme the various screen states and fine-tune the animated transitions.

We added a talkback system running through our Yamaha desks to allow our Stream & Feeds Manager and the Showcaller to communicate with the individual or groups of presenters.

After a few rehearsals and a comfortable client, we went live and delivered a perfect show. Watching the live stream and seeing all the scenes appear as storyboarded to the client was very satisfying.