Our in-house design team are an imaginative and creative bunch of people who are here to support you with every aspect of event design from theming, cad design, visuals through to video editing, content creation and virtual reality.

We pride ourselves on our professional, dynamic and fresh approach to briefs, creating ideas and working with you on a project by project basis. No event is ever the same and we know this! Each one requires a special little something that sets it apart from the rest and we are not shy in pushing the boundaries of event design to make this happen.


Room Plans

CAD plans are a great way of ensuring that our technical design of an event is suitable for the venue and its capacity.

All of our Project and Venue Managers are skilled in the art of CAD design, and working with your vision for the event in mind we will produce a CAD design that will be brought to life by our designers in a 3D visual.

Venue Flythrough

Want to go that extra step further and experience your event before it happens? Not possible, you’re thinking, well it is now.

Our extraordinary team are making this a reality through 3D animated flythrough videos of the event in the form of 360° renders. The venue, set design, content display and effects are brought together in vibrant moving video sequences.

Pushing the boundaries even further we also design and visualize full virtual reality worlds, enabling you to go anywhere within it and look around, sit in any chair and see the view from that position then walk on to the stage and experience the lighting, the comfort monitors, the screens and so on.

Motion Graphics

Your content matters to us. Whether you require it for a live, virtual or hybrid event, we’ll create motion graphics used to animate screen images such as stings, loops, moving backgrounds, slide and video transitions or holding graphics. Perfect for adding extra dynamism to a show and increasing audience engagement.

Graphic Design

Events aren’t just about the setting of the venue and how it looks. It’s about the whole experience right through to the printed artwork.

That’s why we help design and create any print materials needed for your event. Including set vinyl’s and wraps, banners, logo designs and full-scale printing of conference backdrops.

Set wrap


Content is a vital yet often overlooked element. From a single screen to multiple custom configurations, event content needs to work and deliver the right messages.

We ensure it is considered from the start to integrate fully with the experience and deliver in a memorable way.

We are the specialists at getting your messages delivered correctly. From content and video creation and curation, version management, data security, pre-event rehearsal and testing to post-event content for social media and internal and external communications.

Video Editing

Live or virtual, every event uses some form of video playback. Here’s where our video team step in and take your event to the next level.

We shoot and edit footage for live and broadcast, create showreels, social media videos, promotional videos, highlight reels, full conference edits and interviews.

All of these are then easily uploaded to any platform of your choice for on-demand viewing.

VR Content

Brilliant for experiential events and product launches. Virtual reality content can be used to showcase a product when it’s not possible to bring it to events and create exploratory worlds for the viewer.

It can be as simple as a 360° static 3D visual or a more sophisticated interactive and immersive experience.

Whatever your desired virtual reality we can make it and we’ll deliver it on virtual reality head-mounted displays which create a total connection between the user and the virtual environment