Crew Food

Crew food may seem like a distant memory at the moment, and let’s face it; we all have a love-hate relationship with it. Lasagne, conference chicken, burgers we’ve all been there, but when it’s good, it’s REALLY good! We would give our right arms (a little extreme… maybe?), to wait in line with anticipation of what delights were on the crew food menu today. But we are working from home so here’s the best, worst and most interesting dishes Project Managers, Mike, Iky and Rich have experienced while working on events.

Mike Dodsworth

Best: The Ned London – 4-course dinner

Worst: A burger that gave me food poisoning

Most interesting: Duck Lasagne

Mike D

Iky Yacoob

Best: Great breakfast options Sofitel T5 Heathrow

Worst: Bad curries in both Madrid and Frankfurt.

Most interesting: The food selections in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia.


Rich Taylor

Best: Loch Lomond –QHotel when I was mistaken as a director of Universal Live, BBQ ribs and a private whiskey tasting session.

Worst: Burgers that gave all crew food poisoning (unrelated to Mike’s burger incident)

Most interesting: A well-established convenience store roadshow – seemed to just feed us with the stock they were travelling around with, tins of soup and jelly tots.

Rich T

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