Interactive Technology - Part Two

Across the globe, ‘personalisation’ is fast becoming the must-have for marketers and event organisers when planning an event or experiental. The age of ‘mass’ has been over for some time now and we have to constantly explore ways in which we can make an event speak to every person who is in attendance.

The demand for a custom experience based upon an individual delegate’s likes, interests and even job role is playing a key part in how we are delivering events, and the technology we are using to make this happen.

A prime example is the RFID (Radio Frequency Identification Device). RFID technology allows us to identify a wearer as they touch their tag on a reader – or when used with an amplifier, simply as they pass by. This allows us to play content and trigger AV ‘actions’ that are specifically tailored to that individual. In this case, Neil is demonstrating how we changed the lighting state and showed specific videos, websites and PowerPoint presentations dependent on who’s RFID tag was used.

RFID technology can take to form of a delegate pass, wristband, a card or a novelty item. For more information on how you can incorporate interactive technology at your next event contact us on 0845302 5470 and speak with one of our technical experts or email us here.

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