LED vs Projection

Many factors need to be considered when deciding between LED and projection, including venue size/type, type of content, rigging options, lighting levels, distance from the screen to the audience etc. etc. Both have their pros & cons, and it can be tough to know which one is best for your event.

Here’s how they stack out:


LED panels are high intensity, visible in high ambient light and have great contrast and colour.

Use of LED allows more versatility and freedom with regards your ‘screen’. You can easily create unconventional screen sizes and shapes, fragmented and even curved displays.

You can build an LED wall in tight spaces where you may not have the projection throw distance.

Presenters on stage can stand in front of the LED wall, whereas with front projection this would not look good.

LED walls are silent. Projectors are now quieter with laser technology, but you can still hear them.


Why Projection

More cost-effective than LED

Projectors are great for delivering high-resolution at any screen size, whereas LED panels have a fixed distance between the pixels, meaning smaller screens may lack resolution.

You may also wish to use projection if your audience is going to be close to the screen as pixels can be visible with LED.

Quicker to set up.

Can easily project onto buildings, walls, floors, ceilings etc.

Projection cons:

Projectors have native screen ratios (typically 16:9 or 16:10) which restrict how they are used somewhat. Projecting onto screens that are not the same ratio, means either ‘lost’ pixels or the use of blending two or more projectors together.


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