Live Streaming: No Fluff - Part 1

Now you have probably seen many of these articles, photos, videos, infographics and so on for the best live stream solutions or to buy/ hire equipment from a specific company, or the spec of the equipment that just baffles your brain. No, maybe, yes?!

Well, we have decided not to bore you with all the ins and outs and just get down to real experiences using live streaming. That’s why we asked our Project Managers to tell us about their last live stream events, why they did it, what was good (or not) about it, did it help or hindered the message, and their opinion about live streaming and video conferencing.

Here’s part one…

Project Manager: Ian Dickson

Event Type: Multi-site live stream

The event was a dual-site event-based over 12 venues across the UK. The main hub site was in London where the event would be filmed and broadcast out to all locations.

With 6 two way sites, that were able to send and receive broadcasts. A further five sites were one-way sites only and only received the broadcast and WebEx. Both dual and one-way sites had two screens, one showing the broadcast and the other showing the PPT.

What were the reasons for using live streaming?

Fears over travelling as the Coronavirus spreads

Did it help or hinder the event and how?

May not happen without the speakers unable to fly, and the event wouldn’t be an event without the stream.

Did you stream to multiple platforms or just one?

One platform.

Was it tricky managing what goes out, was there any delay before it is in the public eye forever?

No delay, our client manages what gets broadcasted.

What equipment was used to make the live stream happen?

Camera, Vision Mixer, Webcast unit, multiple laptops

Were there any issues? If so, what?

WiFi signal and venues not having dedicated wired internet lines. We recommend to clients and venues alike to invest in a dedicated line for all events, especially those that are live streaming.

Was there any pre-event testing?

Yes, we always like to test a stream signal prior.

What’s your opinion on live streaming?

It’s becoming more popular and cost-effective. I think that it will become a standard add on for many events.

Live stream no fluff 1

Live Streaming: No Fluff - Part 1

What in your opinion, is the best platform to use when live streaming?

Zoom is good for private calls, most straightforward to set up and control, as a host.

YouTube is leading in public streams.

Are there many differences between live stream for public and live stream for private internal-only events?

Mainly the platform we would use. Also, generally for internal intranet streams such as those for larger corporations, their IT department would host the stream, and we would provide the vision mix of the camera signal and content.

We hope that this has been useful to you and if you have any questions about live streaming and video conferencing email us at or call 0845 302 5470 and one of the team will be able to assist you.

Up next we have Mathew Jones and his conference which was streamed on to a company website and Facebook Live. Part two will be posted on Thursday 2nd April.

On a final note, stay safe and be kind!