Live Streaming: No Fluff - Part 3

In part 2 of our ‘Live Streaming: No Fluff’ series, we took a look at an event that Mathew Jones worked on with one of our clients who wanted to publicly stream their event through Facebook Live and their company website. In this example of how you can use live streaming to host an event, Richard Hart tells us about Skype for business and how he took a Pharmaceutical event hosted at the Hilton Bankside to the USA.

Project Manager: Richard Hart

Event Type: International Skype for business live stream.

1. What were the reasons for using live stream?

“The conference was a US Pharmaceutical event held in London, and this allowed people who were in the states to take part in the meeting.”

2. Did it help or hinder the event, and how?

“It was a help to the event as it allowed the people overseas to hear what was being said, see the content, and to chip in and answer questions live over the PA system.”

3. Did you stream to multiple platforms or just one?

“Just one – Skype for Business.”

4. Was it tricky managing what goes out, is there any delay before it is in the public eye forever?

“No, this was an internal meeting, so there were no problems regarding confidentiality.”

5. What equipment etc. was used to make the live stream happen?

“This was a straightforward setup, with audio and video being captured and fed into a MacBook, which logged into Skype.”

6. Were there any issues?

“There were no issues.”

7. Was there any pre-event testing?

“Yes – before the conference went live, we transmitted through Skype and logged in on laptops around the building to check the feed.”

8. What’s your opinion on live streaming?

“It has provided access to events for people who have been unable to attend in person, which is good. It could be a future help to those who are unwell, have family commitments, where finance is a prohibitive factor, or quite simply to help reduce a business’s carbon footprint.”

9. What in your opinion, is the best platform to use when live streaming?

“The advice I have received is to try and use the Zoom platform.”

10. Are there many differences between live stream for public and live stream for private internal-only events?

“The choice of platform would have to be a consideration – both for the number of users who may access it and for the way in which users can (or cannot) access it. It also goes without saying that once a stream is public, more consideration must go into what it contains.”

Next up we have Iky Yacoob’s live stream from London to Istanbul and the USA through a private network for our client’s international team members only.