Meet the newbies!

We give you seven new additions to the Universal Live family. Find out a little bit more about the people you’ll be working with.

Sam Ogley

Sam has joined us as Logistics Coordinator on our Hiredesk team. Sam will be mainly working alongside the hire team and Project Managers, booking freelancers, transport and all those bits and pieces.

If she could disinvent something it would be; “SPAM (not the meat – although that’s pretty gross) – but the stuff that fills up my e-mail in box”.

Cameron Corns

Cameron has started with us as an AV Technician. He is working with the team in the warehouse as well as popping out on events where his skills and experience in particular Vmix is needed. 

If he could only keep five possessions, He would keep;
“Camera, Laptop, toolbox, car and phone”

Joseph Palmer

Also joining the warehouse team is Joseph as a Warehouse Technician. He’s working with the team to ensure that all events go out the door on time and correct. 

Harvey Gardner

Our youngest member of to the team is Harvey, he’s our new Warehouse Apprentice. He’s based at our HQ and has also joined our Ops team in the warehouse.

Finn Evans

He’s back!  Some of you may remember Finn from his days in our venue partnership department.

Now Finn has taken up a Project Manager role with us. He’ll be out there delivering events with you making sure that all the technical elements are spot on. This guy goes above and beyond!


Felix Fulop

Another Project Manager to join the team is Felix, he popped by to say hi to us and some of our clients before he even started! He’ll be based at our HQ office when he’s not out and about on events. 

Maybe he’ll tell us one day what the random client request was… “Honestly I can’t tell you here, but here is one.
We had an electric cut out because a storm and the customer asked me if we can continue the concert.”

Callum Harris

While we haven’t been able to track him down for his photo yet, it must be because he is busy working away as a Warehouse Technician. We do know this though… He wouldn’t mind POGS making a comeback.