Podcast: Open Book Client-Supplier Relationships


Our Commercial Manager, Neil Clappison, returns for another Event Industry News podcast. This time he is joined by Capita Travel and Events‘ Event Director, Jason Cardy, where they discuss the importance of an open book client-supplier relationship.

Taking a look at the long-standing partnership that Universal Live and Capita Travel and Events have had, Neil and Jason explore the supplier chain when planning events and how a ‘one-team approach is how clients and suppliers should plan the events. Both clients and suppliers alike should be open with each other when discussing a pitch.

One company won’t be experts in every facet of planning events: some may be proficient in event management, another in production. It is, therefore, essential to recognise this and bring in different partners to help create the event that the client wants.

Listen to the podcast to learn how Capita Travel and Events and Universal Live approach clients’ pitches, budgets and negotiations.