Projection: Come Over To The Dark Side

We are always comparing what is the best, projection or LED for an event solution. But, what if we brought into the mix a variant on the norm of projection screens? Let’s throw projecting onto a black background into the mix.

The humble white projector screen has been around the block for a while now. Only 15 years ago, the grey screen hit our market. The only natural progression from that was to explore a black background. Some dubbed it madness “how can I possibly project onto a black screen you won’t see anything!” while others embraced it.

There is still a lot of negative opinions surrounding projecting onto a black surface instead of white or grey in terms of the projected image that it produces, but what if we told you that it would make for super sleek and vibrant projections and, you could even enjoy them in the light? Yes, we said it, in the light without there being any compromise on picture quality. We know this because we have done it!


The Norm vs The New:

White is the go-to colour to project on to and has been for decades, the technology that accompanies it has grown up with the colour white, so there is a benefit in itself. White is excellent for a very low lit venue space but not so great when we bring light back into the equation as it will reflect the additional light which will cause the image to lose clarity.

You can project on to any black background and achieve the same image quality including, screens, cloth, canvas and felt, you can even paint a surface that you would like to project on to—increasing the bulb lumens to ensure that a crisp white can be achieved. Alternatively, you could invest in the latest screen technology which has mainly been developing in the USA spearheaded by Screen Innovations and their work on their products such as Black Diamond and Slate which they couple with laser projectors. Projection on to black is possible in any lighting states, and there is no reason not to go black, all you need to do is increase the lumens of the projector.


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