Universal Live Studio - Manchester

Even in uncertain times, we find that our clients are sending us a clear message, the need to communicate is just as vital.

That is why we have adapted existing space at our Manchester branch and warehouse to create a dedicated live broadcast studio, which is adaptable and ready to meet all the needs of a straightforward webcast, through to a high-end virtual broadcast.

Our purpose-built studio includes:

The Gallery

whether the presentation takes place from home or an office, we can provide the link to a remote audience. Our crew, based in the Manchester Gallery, will handle all incoming presenter video and audio feeds to create a seamless conference experience. The Gallery mix the incoming live images with your slide and video content, to ensure your audience feel informed and engaged.

The Studio

Bringing presenters into an environment where they can safely communicate and engage with an online audience. Our Manchester Studio is designed around a curved LED wall, giving our clients a setting where they can reach their audience without losing the impact of branding, key messages and custom moving content. Lighting rigs, together with microphone and audio packages ensure that the emphasis remains on capturing a live experience for the remote viewers. Our dedicated technicians are on-hand to handle all aspects of content, vision mixing, lighting and sound.

Additional Services:

– Content Creation

-Live Stream Hosting

– Professional Event Host

– Broadcast Speaker Coaching

– Autocue services – Translation/Sim/Sign Language

– Furniture

– Show Caller/Show Producer

– Green Screen Studio

– Delegate Registration

– Catering Services


Our onsite facilities include:

– Dedicated client bathroom facilities

– Greenroom

– Wi-Fi

– Refreshments and Kitchen Area

– Free parking

The safety of presenters, colleagues and crew is paramount.  All social distancing and hygiene rules have been at the forefront of our thinking, throughout the creative design process. Download and find out more by downloading Universal Live’s Manchester Studio Brochure. Alternatively, you can email: info@universal-live.ltd or call 01274 200292 and one of our team will be happy to help or answer any questions that you may have.