Virtual and Hybrid Events Explained

With live events currently ‘paused’ we know the need for client and colleague communications remain just as vital. There are a range of virtual options available and the task of transitioning your live event to fully virtual or hybrid may seem overwhelming, but it doesn’t need to be. That’s why we’ve put together a guide to help explain all things virtual and how we can assist to keep you in touch with your audience.

Download the Virtual and Hybrid Events Guide

Webcasting and Live Streaming

Webcasting essentially allows a presenter to broadcast a live stream to viewers in multiple remote locations. The audience is able to see and hear the webcast on a variety of devices. It is usually possible to integrate with a client’s existing systems or to stream directly to other platforms such as youtube.

Webcast options may include…

• Branded webpage.
• Delegate registration and customised log-in.
• Display of event agenda.
• Download of slide decks.
• Messaging of audience questions.
• On-demand viewing of presentations.
• Live audience polling.

Hybrid Events

A hybrid event combines a conventional presentation and live audience with virtual elements which allows remote attendees to experience as closely as they can the live event, without travelling to the venue.

Any of the live stream and webcast elements can be incorporated into a hybrid event.

Virtual events

Build a fully branded virtual event with avatars, think Sims for the events industry. Delegates can log in to browse and interact freely around the virtual world with real-time chat features.

A virtual event is run completely online, with audience members able to participate wherever they have web access.

Conferences, seminars, training and product launches can all be staged as a virtual event. With collaborative and interactive elements being integrated.

Advantages include…

• Wide audience reach
• Reduced costs
• Time saving
• Small carbon footprint

On-demand events

Record your broadcasts or webinars and upload to your website or streaming platform to make it available 24/7

Virtual Workshops

Run interactive and collaborative educational events or training sessions to small or large audiences from anywhere in the world.

Video Conferencing

Collaborate with your remote team with real-time messaging and content, multi-participant screen sharing, recording and transcriptions of the meetings.

Our industry has certainly changed in the past few months however we are a resilient bunch and we will rise once more, evolved and stronger, where face-to-face and virtual events can work hand in hand to create something very special.

Download the Virtual and Hybrid Events Guide