Online events are now consistently common. The inconsistency is in the quality; is the speaker in the right position? Is the content the right size and shape? Is that a goat we can hear in the background?

We’ve been doing virtual events for years and our experience has taught us we how to make a virtual event look and sound great. How to help to keep the audience engaged. How to use branding and digital content to bring your identity to life and to help you to deliver key messages.

Whether it’s a corporate presentation, a medical panel discussion, or a virtual party. We’ve done them all!

Virtual studio

The most important thing when you are delivering a virtual, broadcast or streaming event is that it still feels like a live event, audience engagement and participation so important, and we know it!

Wherever you are home, office or abroad our virtual studios based around the country can provide a link to your remote audience. Pre-recorded and live content streamed directly to any streaming site allowing a two-way link to your audience through live chat, Q&A’s and live polling.

Virtual studio is just a fancy word for technical crew desk, we work in the same way as we would a live event mixing the incoming live images with your slide and video content, to ensure your audience feel informed and engaged.

Everything that happens at a live event can happen at a virtual event (minus the physical face-to-face) and we are here to make that a reality!


Ever feel like you’re the only presenter in the room? Ever stared out into the virtual event abyss and wondered “is there anybody out there?”

We have ways you see. Ways to bring multiple speakers in to a virtual backstage area. A serene space, where you can chat with others over a biscuit and a brew.


Start a project

Wherever you need an event, from a broom cupboard to an arena, from a muddy field to a boat, we have taken on any challenge. Whatever you need, wherever in the world you need it – we’re just a call or email away.

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