What We Do

We deliver thousands of events every year, and we are committed to making every single one a success. You are in safe hands when you are working with us!

We don’t just deliver boxes of kit and leave you to it. We are there as your right-hand partner to guide, support, listen, create and deliver your event. Always here to back you up and be the first to congratulate you on an event well done.

Experts in technical project management, audio, light, vision, scenic, power, content, creative, virtual and live.  We offer a complete support service from conception to delivery of any event including content creation, 3D visualisations, VR experiences, creative concept ideas and interactive technology. Putting in the extra hours when necessary to make sure events happen without a hitch.

No job is too big or too small, and you will always get a five-star experience when you work with us.





Project journey

Connect with Us

We are a friendly bunch of people who will connect with you on a human level, no chatbots are included!

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Brief Us

Tell us about your project, and we’ll work with you to create initial concepts. Supporting you from day dot with production, design, creative, budget and a strategy. We’ve got you!

Event Time!

Making your event visions a reality! From load-in, technical build and show programming to rehearsals and engaging with the live audience. Creating a lasting impression.

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Pre-Production Work

We work with you to develop the event design, CAD drawings and 3D visuals, working within your budget. As well as site inspections, H&S documents, venue infrastructure and logistics.

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With the show all wrapped up we don’t just desert you. We are here to support up with any post-production work and of course your post-event debrief.

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We’re always here for you and look forwards to our next event together.

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Wherever you need an event, whatever you need, wherever in the world you need it – we’re just a call or email away.

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