When the Creativity Hunger Strikes

It was the wise Albert Einstein who was famously noted for stating “Creativity is intelligence having fun”. A statement that runs to the very core of creative event design. Creativity is the most important skill that we possess it encourages innovation, individuality and imagination making creativity an increasingly in-demand skill in the workplace.

As creatives, we are always being asked to think outside the box, but what about when your artistic flair has deserted you and the box you’re so desperately trying to think outside of is made of steel-reinforced concrete!

You are not alone! Many have been before you and many will follow. So, the real question you want to have answered is “how do I get out of this funk?” and the answer is…  well, we don’t really know exactly, unfortunately, it is one of life’s long mysteries that could go unsolved forever.

BUT, we do have 12 nifty ways that should help you recharge your creative juices, and improve your productivity.

12 tips for when the creative hunger strikes

Why not give a few of them a go and let us know how you get along. And if all else fails, try wearing the colour green as it encourages creative thinking!